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Go For It


(Batwheels, Not Yet Dead,
Small Foot) Aimee GARCIA
(The Addams Family)

Carmen Marrón (Queen Sugar)

DIRECTED BY: Carmen Marrón (Queen Sugar)


Carmen is a good student with a bad attitude who lives for dancing in
the underground clubs of Chicago. She yearns to be 'somebody' but
is afraid to believe in herself. Her immigrant Mexican, working-class
parents want her to stay in school and get an education, so she
attends junior college while working at a grocery store. When caught
performing one day she is challenged to audition to a formal dance
school in California. She gets into a fight with her chaotic family and
runs away to her best friend Gina's place only to find out Gina's been
getting beat up by her boyfriend. Carmen's boyfriend, Jared wants her
to commit and move in with him. Pulled apart in every direction, her
dream of dancing fades. Can Carmen overcome her fears and take
the biggest chance of her life, or will she succumb to her self-doubt?

Go For It
Go For It
Go For It
Go For It
Go For It
Go For It
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